Intellectual Outputs

The main purpose of these Guidelines was the recognized need for a more comprehensive pointers in preservation and documentation with incorporation of 3D methods.
They offer an interdisciplinary approach as they were created by professional from diverse fields in the partnership. This Guidelines serves as a handbook firstly for students and teachers of restoration of cultural heritage especially focused on wood.

Web platform will encompass 3D models of wood sculptures made during project activities. With a method called 3D photo scanning (photogrametry) was used photographs to make an animated 3D model. Use of 3D technology in the field of restoration and preservation has a broad potential that has not yet been applied in as an education tool in the curriculum of these studies.

With web platform on SketchFab we will include also a theorithical framework with a workflow. Coming soon…

Documentation approach to preservation of cultural heritage

Coming soon…

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.